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Maximize Your Profits

Virtual Office Solutions provides administrative consulting services to small businesses including bookkeeping services, workflow, and systems review and strategies to make your business more profitable than it has ever been before.

Make your sales, and take your profits too!

A profitable business depends on sound record keeping and the knowledge of your financial position. Virtual Office Solutions works with business owners to provide clarity to their financial position through bookkeeping and cash flow


Keeping your files up to date and organized is essential for knowing the financial position of your business and keeping your business running smoothly. Virtual Office Solutions can work with your financial team on a monthly or quarterly basis to be sure your information is up to date and accurate. We can help get your system optimized and keep it that way so you can make sense of the numbers.

Financial Clarity

Even with a good financial system in place, many business owners can get lost in the numbers because their passion is in their business and not in their books. We work alongside you to implement a process and workflow to bring clarity to your finances so you can take the guesswork out of the financial decisions affecting your business.

Profit Advising

Virtual Office Solutions uses a behavior-based cash management system that works with your existing habits instead of forcing you to form new ones.

We are your partners in building a profitable business…and as your partners, we aren’t afraid to shoot straight with you to help you make the tough decisions.

Want to Learn More?

Are Your Financial Reports Confusing? Are you unsure how to best determine tax filings? We’ve designed two free downloads that will help you understand and digest your business finances. Sign up for our mailing list and receive your free copies!

Meet Debbie Bilello

Debbie Bilello started Virtual Office Solutions in 2010. Her 35+ years in Office Management and Administration has provided a solid foundation for the services she offers. Providing solutions to challenges in financial record keeping and profitability, Debbie works to identify, educate and implement procedures and workflow management to ensure a solid financial foundation for small businesses.

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What can Virtual Office Solutions do for you?

We are committed to providing clients with an individualized experience that is personalized to their needs.

Financial System Implementation

Industry-specific software

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Reconcile Bank Accounts
Manage Accounts Receivable
Manage Accounts Payable
Review Financial Records

Financial System Optimization

Review your financial record keeping system and offer strategies and integrations to simplify the process and make it more user friendly.

Profit Coaching

Assess the profitability of your business as it compares to thousands of profitable businesses.

Success Stories

steven simon plank road magazine
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Debbie Bilello was the business backbone of Plank Road Magazine for the four years that we published. Not only was she a careful bookkeeper and virtual business manager, but she was sharp, flexible and nimble enough to help us develop a subscription fulfillment system which she then managed remotely.

Debbie was always thorough and patient handling customer-service issues which kept those headaches from reaching the front office or having a negative impact on the enterprise. She is very strong at seeing the big picture and executing the little details that are critical to achieving the larger goals.”

Steven Simon,
Publisher, Plank Road Magazine

AnneVirtual2 1 edited
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“I’ve been working with Debbie since the end of 2019 and because of her Profit First Coaching, I have been able to leverage Profit First within my business and become the “breadwinner” in our family in only a couple of months. At first, I was rushing into things and Debbie reminded me to slow down and ease into the Profit First Method. It helped me realize I wasn’t paying myself enough and kept me in check with my business expenses. My books are always up-to-date and in great shape thanks to Debbie! 5 Stars and a great investment!”

Anne Leah Shick 
CEO & Small Business Operations Specialist, Anne Leah & Co., LLC 

sarah heppel photography

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Are your finances in need of an overhaul? Mine were too, until I decided to do something about it. Debbie transformed my business and made me feel confident and organized with her guidance. She has been a complete lifesaver for my business. She helped me set my business up with the Profit First System, which has transformed the way I handle my money. When it comes to tax time, I don’t need to dread anything, because my accounts are all organized and ready to send to my accountant.

I remember dreading tax season and all of the work I needed to do to get caught up. So every time I hear someone say they are stressed with their finances, I have to tell them about Debbie, because I wish I knew about her sooner. I have spent almost two years working alongside her to help me operate my business while also developing a great friendship. I’m so glad I found her! I recommend her and her services to any entrepreneur who needs help with the back-end of their business.

Sarah Heppell
Owner, Sarah Heppell Photography

LeeRobers e1637012564818

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I was introduced to Debbie at VOS several years ago by a bookkeeper that said my needs had become too complex for her practice. At the time I had several different business endeavors and in each of them I had different business partners. 

While I have a solid grasp of accounting and bookkeeping, It was important to me that we have an independent company manage our books, bill paying, receipt management and monthly reports so that all partners had a clear understanding of the health of the business. 
Debbie understood our needs, was reliable and efficient, and was also excellent at helping explain and work through some of the more complex bookkeeping issues. She also offered new ideas of how we could streamline some of our processes.

 I highly recommend VOS to any business owner that wants to outsource their bookkeeping services. 

Lee Roberts
Founding Partner ‘Cuse Camp Fitness Studios

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We are passionate about the financial success of businesses. A strong business builds a strong foundation for our family and for our community. Let’s see if working together makes sense or if we can offer some suggestions. Schedule your complimentary discovery session today.

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