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How We Help

What can Virtual Office Solutions do for you?

We are committed to providing clients with an individualized experience that is personalized to their needs.

Financial System Implementation

Industry-specific software

Financial System Optimization

Review your financial record keeping system and offer strategies and integrations to simplify the process and make it more user friendly.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Reconcile Bank Accounts
Manage Accounts Receivable
Manage Accounts Payable
Review Financial Records

Profit Coaching

Assess the profitability of your business as it compares to thousands of profitable businesses.

Five Steps to Financial Clarity and Profitability

Virtual Office Solutions has designed a plan to assist you in bringing the financial health of your business into your vision and to assist you in making sound financial decisions for your business. Good decisions can only be made in reviewing good data. This plan will organize the data you need to bring your business to the next level and plan for strong and steady growth. We will work side by side with you in your business in any or all of the following five steps.


Step 1: Discovery

Virtual Office Solutions will meet with you in an initial discovery call to learn about you, your business and your financial goals. We will discuss the systems you have in place and what you are looking to change, streamline and/or add to your business for your financial success. 


Step 2:  Assessment

We will dive into your software, if you have it, and determine if it is meeting your needs. If new software and integrations are recommended, we will be sure to get you set up and trained on its use. If a renovation makes more sense we will outline a proposal to bring your system up to date and more efficient. We will also provide workflow recommendations for keeping the file current in house or by outsourced services.


Step 3: Optimize or Implement

This is the step where the magic begins. But it can also be the most time consuming, depending on how current your information is or if new software is being implemented. This is where the clarity of your financial position begins to take hold. We will go through your accounting software and bring all your accounts up to date by reconciling your books through the end of the last month completed. Upon completion of the update, we will run financial reports and meet with you to provide real time knowledge of your financial positions so you can make sound financial decisions. We will also run a profitability report to see how your business stacks up against other profitable businesses.  

If we are setting up a new system, we will work with you and your team to get the software optimized and brought current to the last completed month. As a rule, we work with an entire year of data to provide continuity for tax purposes. 

We outline a plan for maintenance of your record keeping system and a roadmap to greater profitability.

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Step 4: Monthly Bookkeeping Services

We offer monthly bookkeeping services. This puts the heavy lifting in our hands on an ongoing basis so you can focus on your business and what you love doing. We will provide monthly maintenance of your system and financial report review with your or your financial team.

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Step 5:  Profit Coaching

Virtual Office Solutions is a Profit First Certified firm offering cash flow strategies with monthly action items using the Profit First cash flow methodology to bring your business to a more profitable level.


I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the administrative challenges that you face in your business, strategize some solutions, and get you on your way to profitability and success.

—Debbie Bilello

My Story

Virtual Office Solutions provides bookkeeping, profit advising, and workflow systems and management to small businesses. With over 35 years of bookkeeping and office management in a variety of industries, it seemed natural to share my expertise as a bookkeeper and administrator for business owners, just like I had done for employers. Every industry needs a “go to” resource for information and systems – the glue that holds it all together in an office. In my employee role, regardless of the industry, I found that the “go to” resource where other employees came to troubleshoot something with was me, my office. Not because I had all the answers, but because I wasn’t afraid of the challenge. Because I love technology and problem-solving, we would dive into a problem, look at all the options available and find a solution. When I started Virtual Office Solutions, I knew Solutions for business owners was the place where I could serve.

How I Help

As a Certified Profit Strategist, it’s important to me to help business owners realize their numbers. Where are you with the financial health of your business? More importantly, where do you want to be – what is your vision for the future, and do you have a roadmap to get there?

We work with business owners to be more efficient through their bookkeeping and cash flow management while making profit a priority.    After all, it’s your business …. shouldn’t your profits come first?

Take the Next Step

We are passionate about the financial success of businesses. A strong business builds a strong foundation for our family and for our community. Let’s see if working together makes sense or if we can offer some suggestions. Schedule your complimentary discovery session today.

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